Paigow Tips and Strategy

5 Aces
Royal Flush
Straight Flush* See Notation below
4 of a kind
Full House
3 of a kind
2 pairs
1 pair
High card

Note that in Paigow, the A-K-Q-J-10 ranks as the highest straight, A-2-3-4-5 ranks as the second highest straight and is followed by K-Q-J-10-9, other than these variations the hand ranking is the same as in other poker games. With the Joker added to the deck it gives you the opportunity to make a decent hand more often. Applying strategy to Paigow will give you better odds and decrease the house edge.

To play at your best, you need to learn to 'Set' your hands up as efficiently as possible since you must win both hands in order to win the round. Below is a simple strategy to follow that will show you how to do this.

Your Hands - Back Hand Front Hand
No Pair High card Second and third highest
One Pair Pair Next two highest cards
Two Pair/Pair of Aces Pair of Aces Other Pair
Two Pair One Pair Other Pair
Three Pair Second and third high pair High Pair
Three of a Kind Three of a kind

(If 3 Aces, put 2 in this hand) (If 3 Aces, out 1 Ace here)

5,6,or 7 card Straight Lowest cards to complete the Straight Two highest cards that keep the five card hand's straight

Playing Paigow online has many benefits such as Multi player games. You are also allowed to be the dealer, which you should do as often as possible because of the house edge. No matter the role you play in Paigow, you'll enjoy this game immensely and will soon master it and consider it one of your favorites.